Great Strides Fundraiser.

9 03 2014

As a fundraiser for our Great Strides Team we are selling Salisbury Greenhouse gift cards.  A portion of proceeds will go straight to finding a cure or better control for cystic fibrosis.  The gift cards will be available in early May.  Let us know if you are interested. – Unfortunately these will only be available to the Edmonton area.

Spring will come flowers

Important disclaimer:  We are not promising spring… just gift cards. No refunds or returns should spring not come this year or if spring should be so delayed as to appear as summer or fall. No guarantees or warranties on the weather at all.  

Love this video!!!!!

24 04 2014

A special invitation

15 03 2014

Elina just unrolled her placemat like a scroll and invited me to her coronation, because she loves me very much.


When I’m as old as you

13 03 2014

Elina asked me “when I’m as old as you will I still be your kid?” Broke my heart. Please let research improve her odds of being as old as me. Right now she has a 50% chance. By the time she is old enough to understand these odds – please let them have a solution.

Happy to have time to converse – even when difficult subjects come up. We are having wonderful day and lunch together – so blessed!


The Wishing Optimist

8 03 2014

When Elina can’t see the stars at night – she wishes on the moon. Love her. If you are hoping to also wish on the moon it goes something like this “Moon bright, moon bright – first moon I see tonight, make my wish come true.” Light pollution, cloudy skies- Elina has a solution.

I hope I won’t be breaking any international wish laws by telling you tonight she wished for a real blue fairy to live in her town. Love this kid so very much!

The painful truth

2 03 2014

The painful truth is that without all the medical advancements in CF research and care – children were lucky to live much older than Elina is right now. Four or five years old and they would die from malnutrition and lung complications. It hurts to know this. I hate the raw painful “stats” that come from attending CF Information days. – but oh how far we have come! There aren’t many healthier 4-year olds than my bundle of energy!

Humble, grateful and dependant on research. The stat today struck a cord in my heart. A raw painful place I choose not to visit very often.

I am alive. The pain; the joy; painfully intertwined.



27 02 2014

We thought it would be a good idea to give our awesome team some fundraising incentives.  So, I asked Elina what prize we should give our top fundraisers for Elina’s Entourage, she said “A battery” she also brought an old beat up Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms (Printed in 1983). Great ideas from our Team Captain.

We also happen to have some Mundare Sausage that we purchased from another CF fundraiser, which I suggested we add to the lovely prize packages available.  Team Capitan seemed reluctant – but eventually agreed.

There will be 3 prizes available on March 31, winners will be determined by their  online Verified Amounts Raised.

Top fundraiser  Our top fundraiser as of March 31 – will receive a Mundare Sausage – and the option to choose the battery, or the beat up dictionary.

#2 fundraiser Our second place fundraiser as of March 31- will receive a Mundare Sausage and the battery, or the beat up dictionary.

Draw- We will draw from all of our fundraisers who have raised over $200 at March 31.  The winner of the draw will have to settle for just a Mundare Sausage.

Well in the lead with $475 is Sharon – unless someone catches her –she will be the lucky one to choose between the battery and the beat up dictionary SO LUCKY – plus she’ll get a lovely link of famous Mundare Sausage.

Thanks to everyone who supports us in this journey.   If you aren’t walking with us – but would like to help one of our walkers secure one of these lovely prize packages you can support our team here. 




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